17 - 25 April

Ski-tour on Elbrus glaciers

Mountain expeditions and freeride tours
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Freeride had united us. Even more did so ascents in mountains by difficult routes.

Family thinks we are mad, friends get high on our lifestyle.

We can't live another way. Adventures fill us with love of life and aspiration for new.

How do we work

With pleasure
In team
with comfort of each one
In style
we organize tours, that inspire us
It's cool, when you can see a fire in guide's eyes. When he is ready to ignite you by personal interest, love for mountains, and lead towards them.
We guide tours that inspire us. We show what encourages. That views, which can once amaze and forever stay inside!
Guide's job is directly linked with safety
Guides had done thier job well, if you are back home safe and sound. To ensure this, we constantly raise our competences. By this moment we are students of Russian and Kyrgyz Mountaineering Guides Assosiations, certified rock climbing and ski instructors. We are constantly participating in Search and Rescue trainings.

On routes we use radio for group communication. We require our guests to have insurance and to comply with safety regulations. We cooperate with regional rescue teams: MES in Russia, local services elsewhere.
We stand for friendship and mutual aid.
We work with small groups and make a team of like-minded people out of strangers. Many firstcomers obtain friends, who become reliable partners in future adventures. Because together - more fun and more safety.
Different tours with different diffuculty levels
We conduct a survey for all new customers to understand everyone's need in comfort and difficulty level. Then we can offer suitable tours. After all, there is no great comfort inside the shack in middle of nowhere, but a mountain hut in Shamonix will be on par with a luxury hotel.

It's important to us, that all participants feel themselves accordingly to their comfort wishes. If one wants autonomous trip with tents and a week without a shower - here it is. If comfortable lodge and wake-up coffee with valley views are necessary - no problems. Heli or snowcat for mountain climb - we will organize.
Emotions to remember
We bring gigabytes of pictures and videos out of our journeys, professional quality or not so really. But they are all about the places we walked, what mountains descended, mysterious huts we slept, yummy food we ate and great people we met.

Our team
Anton Brichevskiy
Parents sent me skiing when I was a child. And I am so greateful for this! In college I became a ski instructor and went on my first ever field practice in Lovozero thundra. Since these days I feel like fish out of water in the city, but easy on a route.

Year to year routes were becoming more and more difficult, treks in Krasnaya Polyana had grown onto ascents on seventhousanders. Moscow suburbian slopes turned into steep couloirs and fields of snow-covered glaciers.

Now I lead expeditions on Elbrus, Kazbegi, Lenin Peak and Mont Blanc, organize child rock climbing camps and dream about ascent on Ama Dablam.

+7 (938) 468 79 19 | Instagram
Sofya Shilova
Student of Russian Mountain Guides Association. Instructor of skiing, snowboarding and rock climbing. Journalist and outdoor equipment expert. Leads ascents on Lenin Peak, Elbrus north route, Mont Blanc. Organizes pleasant photo-yoga treks for girls.

In expeditions is responsible for beauty, cosiness and healthy food.

+7 (928) 453 08 81 | Instagram
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